The stress that occurs due to lack of funds can easily affect your day to day happiness. Here are some simple ways you can cut down costs and salvage your budget.

Reduce Clothing Budget

An easy way to reduce your clothing budget is to sell the things you no longer wear. Sort through you closet and go ‘Marie Kondo’ on it. Let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy! After doing that, sell the items that don’t fit you on one of many online platforms. Poshmark, Letgo, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, or eBay are all excellent options that will help you earn a little extra money while simultaneously decluttering your space.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

In order to cut down your monthly expenses, you should cancel any services you aren’t using. Are you one of those people who have Amazon Prime, Hulu AND Netflix? If you feel a deep desire to watch the shows from all three platforms, consider trading off with your friends. Each of you pick a service to subscribe to and share your passwords. That way you’re only paying for one service, but enjoying all three. What about other subscription boxes that you don’t need? Go through your monthly expenses with a fine tooth comb. These cutbacks may seem small but you will be surprised at how quickly the savings adds up.

Cut Unnecessary Extras

When you’re in a tight financial spot, it’s important to cut out all unnecessary spending. Getting your hair done, mani/pedi’s, tanning, and waxing are all things that aren’t absolutely vital. In addition, you need to cancel any vacations, shopping excursions and plans to go out to eat. These are all luxuries that you can continue when you’re budget is back on track.

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