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If you have been turned down for a loan or credit card recently because of what was in your credit report, you do have the right to a copy of that report, if the information contained in that report is the reason you were denied the loan or credit. To do this, you will need to contact the actual credit bureau that the loan or credit card company used in researching your credit history. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus do not go out of their way to make this an easy task.

A much simpler way to get free online credit reports is to contact one of the services below. To be honest, these companies are not charities either. They will often give you a free copy of one credit bureau's report, but they really want you to upgrade to either a more detailed report giving complete information from all three big credit reporting agencies, or they want you to sign up for their unlimited credit report access, monitoring and correction services.

It's our opinion that if you've been turned down or denied credit, simply getting one single snapshot of your credit score will not help you as much as partnering with a service that will provide continual access will.
Offers a merged credit report that comes from all three reporting bureaus. They feature toll-free customer service, useful financial content on a wide range of credit topics, and industry affiliations with the Better Business Bureau and

They will provide you with easy access to viewing of your credit report information online, including an informative analysis of the report's content.
Their optional ID Fraud-Watch offers consumers a comprehensive credit management package including quarterly credit report updates, trending reports, identity theft insurance and credit alert emails.

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Free Online Credit Reports

If you need to repair your credit, two of the top services are:
Credit Repair
Lexington Law

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