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Make sure your student has a good credit card when they head off to college. College student credit card will help you locate the perfect credit card for a college or adult-age high school student. Getting a credit card helps a young person build a credit history along with presenting an opportunity to foster financial responsibility. Several of the major bank issuers have credit card offers specifically for college students.

If you're tired of writing huge checks to your dentist every other month, maybe you should consider writing a small check to your dental insurance provider instead. Family dental insurance is available for individuals and families. You have your choice of policy specifics, such as premiums, deductibles, coverage, frequency of payment, etc. And if you aren't interested in an actual insurance policy, you may be able to discount dental plan that your local dentist participates in.

If your business is taking off, make sure you secure future financing options with a good business credit card. You can check out small business credit card reviews and apply for the best card for your situation. It's a smart move to get financing options in place before you need them. Plus the convenience of having a card for your business is enormous. You don't have to carry your business check book with you, you can make purchases online, and your expenses are automatically itemized for you on your card statement.

So your credit history has a few red marks on it? Other than an unsecured card with a high interest and high fees, you have the option of applying for a prepaid credit card. A prepaid card is an account that you load with your own funds before you need to spend it. A prepaid card works just like a regular credit card, except that you can't run up high balances and you can't get into trouble by spending more than what you can afford.

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